An Anti-Woke Black Leader’s Vision of a Post-Racial America

Anti-woke black leader Kendal Qualls condemned the invasion of racial identities in the country’s cultural life and encouraged Americans to create a post-racial society by encouraging the return to black two-parent families.

Qualls, the president of Minnesota-based non-profit organization TakeCharge, spoke on the topic of “Envisioning A Post Racial America” during an event sponsored by the Liberty Classical Academy earlier this month. He also elaborated on how the nation can move beyond its current focus on racial identity.

“In my lifetime, we have seen the black community transformed from 80 percent two-parent families to 80 percent fatherless homes, without one national initiative to reverse the trend. If the American black family was a spotted owl or grey wolf, it would be on the endangered species list. There would be a national campaign to save the black family. There’d be galas, commercials, bumper stickers,” Qualls stated.

“My friends, what has happened in the black community is nothing short of a cultural genocide, and it’s the cause of 90 percent of the problems that we face in our communities. Not the mystical systemic racism. This is not the dream that Martin Luther King had in mind, and it’s been a nightmare for children born during this time. We have been used as political pawns for 50 years and it ends tonight,” Qualls added.

Qualls also urged his fellow African-Americans to “reconcile with the sins of our nation, re-establish two-parent families, rebuild our culture, and join other Americans around the table of prosperity as fellow citizens of this great country.”

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