Biden Approval Ticks Up Slightly in Latest Job Approval Poll

President Joe Biden may be treading water instead of sinking when it comes to his job approval numbers, a new poll showed Sunday.

The CBS/YouGov survey, found Biden’s job approval stands at 50% — a sharp uptick from a Sept. 22 Gallup poll that put Biden at 43% approval, and a Quinnipiac survey that found Biden’s approval at a dismal 38%.

On the other hand, 50% still disapprove of his performance, the new CBS poll found — with 89% of Republicans giving Biden a thumbs-down, the new poll showed.

But in the CBS poll, Biden gained ground among independent voters, with 45% approving of the president’s performance, and 55% disapproving — though leaving the president’s approval still under water with that crucial demographic.

Among six key issues — the economy, infrastructure, Afghanistan, immigration, climate change and COVID-19 vaccine administration — Americans were only in solid approval of Biden on the COVID issue, 57%-43%.

Biden’s worst marks on those metrics were immigration, where just 34% approved and 66% disapproved, and Afghanistan, where 37% approved and 63% disapproved, the poll showed.

The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.

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