Biden Rips ‘Republican Fog’ Surrounding Voting Rights

President Joe Biden this week during a Democratic Party fundraiser ripped Republicans for “offering nothing but fear, lies, and broken promises” when it comes to voting rights.

“It’s about who gets to vote and whether the vote counts and who gets to count that vote,” Biden said during a virtual fundraiser on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, according to the Washington Examiner. 

“We have a system that does both those things with independence and integrity, but what Republicans want to do is say a political party gets to decide if a vote counts. It’s outrageous. We’re going to fight like hell so that doesn’t happen. That’s one of the most important things we can do.”

He added that Republicans have been “offering nothing but fear, lies, and broken promises.

“We have to keep cutting through the Republican fog — that the government isn’t the problem and show that we the people are always the solution,” Biden continued. “You have to be able to vote. It’s the single most important thing we could do. And we’re going to have to win races up and down the ticket.”

The president went on to say that “if we make the right decision in the next few years, in 50 years people are going to look back and say, ‘this was the moment that America won the 21st century.’ I really believe that. But we can’t do it without you. You know, we have to prove that democracies can work.”

Biden said that the heads of authoritarian regimes across the globe think “that in the modern world, things are changing so rapidly, so quickly that democracies can’t get their acts together and unite to compete with autocratic governments.

“We’ve got to demonstrate that democracies can work and protect. And I think it’s going to impact on our influence around the world more than anything,” he said. “I think the country is ready, and because of you, I think we’re going to be able to get it done.”

Biden currently faces pressure from several voting rights organizations and progressive get-out-the-vote groups who sent a letter to the White House on Tuesday calling on him to move forward on federal voting legislation.

“We are facing a rising tide of voter suppression unlike anything we have seen,” reads the letter, according to The New York Times. “While grass-roots efforts remain critical to ensuring fair and representative elections, so too is federal legislation to protect and preserve the rights of the constituencies we serve.”

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