Biden Urges Manchin to Come Up With Reconciliation Bill Top-Line Number

President Joe Biden urged West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and a group of lawmakers on Wednesday to develop a top-line number they could support for the upcoming reconciliation bill.

According to The Hill, Manchin, a moderate Democrat who has opposed the $3.5 trillion figure in the reconciliation bill, met with Biden on Wednesday afternoon.

The president ”just basically said find a number you’re comfortable with,” Manchin said. ”’Please just work on it. Give me a number.”’

Manchin added that Biden didn’t give him a number he could get behind. But Biden also didn’t give the group of lawmakers he met with a deadline either.

“The quicker the better but I’m not sure if they’re going to get there,” Manchin added.

Montana Democrat Sen. Jon Tester, who also attended the meeting, says moderates and progressives are working on a framework for the bill that should be out by next week.

“I think it would be great to have a framework on Monday, and I think the president would agree with that,” Tester said.

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