Biden’s Weak Handling of Russia-Ukraine Conflict Emboldens World Tyranny

The strength of tyranny is increasing at a more alarming rate due to the Biden administration’s string of failures in the global arena. The United States’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the lifting of U.S. Sanctions on the Russian-backed NordStream II pipe, and an absence of American support for Cuban or Venezuelan pro-democracy activists, all contribute to the recent empowerment of our detractors overseas.

Our Ukrainian partners are looking down at 100,000 Russian rifles. Moscow is now testing American leadership and resolve, as evidenced by the recent amassing even more Russian troops and tanks along the Russia/Ukraine border.

This is something we’ve never seen before. Russia launched a military campaign in 2014 to seize the Crimean Peninsula. The Obama-Biden administration sent $46 million of non-lethal security aid, despite the pleas of Ukraine’s President Poroshenko. This is equivalent to sending a fly-swatter in order to repel the Russian bear.

These same foreign policy advisors are now back with fly-swatters, strong-worded talking points and ready to re-negotiate Eastern European territorial sovereignty.

Putin made the latest belligerent calculation based upon poor judgment. Our adversaries all over the globe have seen the Biden-Harris Administration stumble from one mistake to the next for the past year and Ukraine could be the next big domino to fall. The Obama-Biden administration failed in 2014 to confront Putin in any tangible manner, so it is not surprising that the Biden-Harris administration will follow the same pattern in 2021.

“Putin is on the brink of launching the largest land invasion in Europe since World War II because he knows he can get away with it,” Republican leaders Rep. Michael Waltz and Sen. Marsha Blackburn wrote in a joint opinion piece.

“Consider the ramifications should the U.S. and our NATO allies concede to Russian aggression in Europe. Should Ukraine fall to Russian control, what’s to stop Putin from making incursions into Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia or Georgia?” they continued.

“The prospect is far too tempting for Moscow to abandon. As Russia makes headway toward Western Europe, it brings along powerful economic influence,” they added.

Russia’s capitulation to the NordStream II pipeline, which is now complete, has already allowed it to gain a strong grip on European energy supplies. The Congressional Research Service estimates that Russian gas accounted approximately 48% for EU natural gas imports in 2021.

If German regulators give final approval, NordStream II will double Russian gas exports’ capacity, giving the Kremlin even greater economic leverage. Ukraine will suffer an estimated $3 billion per year in transit fees and be collateral damage as a result of Moscow’s energy weaponization in Europe.

The United States must be able to confront its adversaries and defend freedom against authoritarian aggression. We cannot allow Ukraine to be a victim of Putin’s crusade for the re-establishment of the Soviet Empire.

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