Christie Pushing GOP Candidates for 2022 While Considering 2024 Options

Chris Christie is revving up to push GOP candidates running for Congress in next year’s midterms — and his own possible White House bid in 2024, the Washington Examiner reports.

According to the news outlet, the former federal prosecutor and New Jersey governor is boosting a Republican group handling redistricting, fundraising for the Republican Governors Association, and may hit the campaign trail for GOP candidates on the 2022 ballot.

What sets Christie apart from other GOP politicians eager to get the party back in control in Washington is that he doesn’t shy away from criticizing former President Donald Trump — or plan to change his own ambition because of him.

“I don’t think you make a decision about whether to run for president or not based upon what someone else does,” Christie said at the Texas Tribune Festival last month.

“And it’s not just Donald Trump,” Christie added. “It’s whether it’s Donald Trump or any name — any of the other candidates who have been rumored for 2024, they make their own call, I make my own call, and then we see how the dynamic of the campaign plays out.”

According to the news outlet, it’s telling that GOP operatives with ties to Christie are trying to downplay Christie’s White House wish, including one person close to him who told the Washington Examiner there was “not much to chat about at this point.”

Bill Palatucci, an elected member of the Republican National Committee from New Jersey and a Christie booster, told the news outlet Christie is in demand across the country by a cross-section of GOP candidates and groups — including at a recent fundraiser in Virginia for GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.

“His dance card is very full,” Palatucci told the Washington Examiner. “That’s all about 2022 and helping the party. That’s not being done with an eye toward 2024.”

Christie’s first shot at the White House in 2016 fell far short and ended early, the news outlet noted.

“I just think I’m smarter, and I think I’m more experienced,” Christie declares now, the Washington Examiner reported.

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