Democrat Infighting Delays Biden’s Vast Investment Plans

A dispute within the Democratic Party has stalled President Joe Biden’s massive spending plans for the United States as Congress postponed a key vote on the measures Monday.

The delay is a setback for the Democrat president, who intends to make American history with the two titanic funding projects — on infrastructure and social spending — worth a total of nearly $5 trillion.

Despite hours of negotiations, no agreement had been reached by midnight and Democrat leaders decided to resume the session on Tuesday at midday.

If agreement is reached, the vote may be held Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier this month, the Senate approved a $1.2 trillion infrastructure investment plan, with some Republicans crossing the aisle to support the measure.

But a squabble has arisen in the House over whether to pass that bill first, or a separate $3.5 trillion plan supported only by Democrats that would allocate money towards education, health care, the labor market and fighting climate change.

Biden’s Democrat allies controlling the House and Senate have for months been considering the two measures aimed at overhauling the world’s largest economy through massive injections of cash into an array of programs.

The dispute erupted when moderate Democrats in the House demanded the popular infrastructure measure be approved without delay.

But progressive lawmakers insist the larger bill should take priority, fearing the centrists, objecting to its cost, will refuse to provide their crucial votes in a chamber with a tight Democrat majority once the infrastructure bill is passed.

Biden, who is facing blowback over the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, is expected to weigh in on the dispute behind the scenes.

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