Elder: Fear of Black GOP Governor Fueling ‘Hysterical’ Media Attacks

Larry Elder, the front runner among replacement candidates in the Newsom recall election, believes that the media is hysterically targeting his campaign because they fear that a Black Republican governor will weaken the Democrats’ hold on black voters.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Media Buzz” over the weekend, Elder said that the prospect of a Republican becoming California’s first Black governor has the media “scared to death.”

“I think it’s because the press oftentimes serves as a public-relations bureau for the Democrat Party, and they’re deathly afraid that Larry Elder, a Black guy from the ‘hood who went to public school, might break the stranglehold that the Democrats have had on Black and brown voters here in California,” Elder told host Howard Kurtz.

“If that can be done in California, it can be done all over the country. And they are scared to death.”

The Los Angeles Times opinion page has endlessly ran columns blasting Elder, including one titled “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned.”

“They’re doing whatever they can to bring me down” ahead of the recall election, Elder said. “They’re going hysterical because of what I said. They’re afraid that I’m going to be able to break the stranglehold that they’ve had over Blacks and browns for years.”

Elder added, “All I am is common sense. I’m going to do something about the crime. I’m going to do something about the lousy education; do something about the rise in homelessness; do something about our water crisis, about our poor management of the forests. What could be so bad?”

The Newsom recall election is scheduled for Sept. 14.

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