Ex-NFL Player Jay Cutler Opposes Mask Mandates, May Run for School Board

Former NFL player Jay Cutler has signified that he could make a run at a Tennessee school board seat, citing his opposition to mask mandates.

Cutler, who once played for the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears, mentioned he could run for a spot on the Williamson County Board of Education.

In responding to a tweet that mentions “doctors, parents call for masks in Williamson County Schools ahead of COVID-19 meeting,” Cutler wrote: “Not this parent. Really hope I’m not put in the corner by Twitter in my first 24 hrs.”

After that tweet, Cutler wrote again, asking: “How do you run for school board ? I need this info.”

That tweet was then followed by Cutler adding: “Doing school board research. Looks like a 2024 campaign for me.”

“August of 2024,” he wrote, “I need 100 signatures and a petition from the county. Going to start getting John Hancocks today.”

The former football star had posted on Twitter that he would be filming a commercial for Uber Eats, but due to a conflict over masks, Cutler responded that he lost that endorsement.

 “Views aren’t aligned.’ Guess they don’t like future School board members. Frees up my weekend,” he tweeted.

A spokesperson for Uber later responded to Cutler’s public comments.

“We are proud of all the work Uber has done over the last year to help get as many people vaccinated as possible,” they said, according to The Hill. “As such, we prefer to partner with those who support that work.”

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