Florida Kicks Trump’s Twitter Lawsuit to California Courts

Former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit to get his Twitter account restored has been transferred from his state of filing, Florida, to Twitter’s state of business, California, a federal judge in Florida ruled Tuesday.

Twitter filed the motion to transfer to the lawsuit to the Northern District of California as required by the forum selection clause in Twitter’s terms of service contained in its user agreement, which reads that ”’all disputes related to [Twitter’s] Terms or the Services’ to be litigated in California.”

Trump’s lawyers had argued that his status as president at the time should preclude him from Twitter’s terms of service, but District Judge Robert Scola Jr. ruled his ”status as president of the United States does not exclude him from the requirements of the forum selection clause in Twitter’s Terms of Service.”

”The court finds that the motion to transfer is due to be granted,” Scola wrote in the 13-page ruling.

”First, Trump’s former status as the president of the United States does not preclude the application of the forum selection clause. Second, the forum selection clause is valid and mandatory. Third, the forum selection clause encompasses the Plaintiffs’ claims. And fourth, the Plaintiffs have failed to satisfy their heavy burden to show that this case should not be transferred.”

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