Former Rep. Barbara Comstock: Texas Abortion Law ‘Bad Policy’ and ‘Bad Law’

Former Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., on Sunday called a restrictive new Texas abortion law “flawed,” saying it’s polarized an already divided nation.

In an interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Comstock predicted neither the GOP nor Democrats will be happy with what the Supreme Court ultimately decides on the issue.

“This is obviously a polarizing issue and this is a polarizing bill,” she said. “As someone who is pro-life and has always wanted to change hearts and minds and focus on creating a culture of life and respecting the dignity of women and the children, I don’t think this is a good bill and I agree with the Wall Street Journal editorial board who said it was a blunder.”

“This is a flawed bill,” she added, noting “similar bills have been blocked before and I think fairly quickly this will be. So I think neither side is going to be pleased with where the Court may come down.”

According to Comstock, the key issue of the original Roe v. Wade case which made abortion legal across the nation was “viability.”

“That’s where you’ve had Republicans usually focus,” she said.

“There needs to be some calm conversation on this. I think the Supreme Court, when you look at whether it’s Bush v. Gore or the Trump election, these judges who got attacked as they were going to be Trump judges — they upheld the Obamacare decision.”

“Let them take up these cases which they will I think shortly, and I think people will be pleasantly surprised where they end up,” Comstock asserted about ultimate Supreme Court involvement in the case, adding, however, it’s likely only those “in the middle” of the extremes will likely be satisfied with the ultimate ruling.

“It’s bad policy and it’s bad law, she said of the Texas law, declaring instead that “helping women with tough pregnancies and kids who have disabilities. That’s the kind of pro-life community I’ve always worked with and that’s the one that needs to stand up now.”

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