Gen. Thompson: Space Force ‘Not New Sheriff In Town’

Gen. David Thompson, vice chief of space operation at U.S. Space Force, said Sunday it’s difficult to determine what constitutes an act of war in space — but insisted Space Force is “not the sheriff in town.”

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Thompson said the U.S. military’s newest agency advocates for “conduct and standards of norms that every should follow and we should follow as well.”

“What constitutes an act of war is not clearly defined or understood,” he said. “Perhaps there’s been less thinking in that than in other areas, in other domains.”“What we are not is we are not the sheriff in town,” he continued. 

“We are a military force. We firmly advocate for… conduct and standards of norms that everybody should follow and we should follow as well.” Thompson added that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin outlined tenets of behavior which should apply, including to “conduct your space operations in a safe matter, don’t generate long-lived debris, no harmful interference…Those are the expectations that we should adhere to, but they’re not commonly adhered to.”

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