GoDaddy Web Hosting Service Closes Texas Anti-Abortion Tip Site

The web hosting service has shut down a Texas anti-abortion site where users could send in anonymous tips regarding women who received an abortion later than a new law allows.

“Last night we informed they have violated GoDaddy’s terms of service and have 24 hours to move to a different provider,” the company said in a statement to CNBC.

The site, owned by Texas Right to Life, allowed users to anonymously report women suspected of getting an abortion beyond a newly imposed six-week limit law that prohibits abortion after a heartbeat is detected.

The new law, which took effect Wednesday, allows for people to sue anyone “who provides,” or “aids” in an abortion after six weeks.

Winners of such suits would be entitled to at least $10,000, according to the report.

In a statement to CNBC, Texas Right to Life said it would find another host for the website and have it back up and running in a couple of days.

“Our IT team is already in process of transferring our assets to another provider and we’ll have the site restored within 24-48 hours. Come back soon,” a spokeswoman for the group said in the statement.

Prior to the GoDaddy decision to remove the site, pro-choice advocates flooded the site with bogus tips, the New York Times reported.

Those fraudulent tips included naming Gov. Greg Abbott, who signed the law, a host of fictional characters from the Marvel Avengers movies, and the complete script of the “Bee Movie.”

According to the report, the activists came from several other social media platforms including TikTok, Twitter and Reddit.

Days ago, the United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 to refuse hearing a case challenging the new law, which pro-choice advocates call the “most restrictive” in the country.

Chief Justice John Roberts, a conservative appointee by former President George W. Bush, joined the three liberal justices on the bench in dissent.

It is the first shot across the bow for the 1973 Roe Vs Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

The court is scheduled to hear a case formally challenging that decision in the fall, now with a conservative majority of five, including former President Donald Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney-Barrett.

Trump’s appointments were put through the ringer during their respective confirmation hearings by Democrats that feared the new conservative majority on the court would overturn the almost 50-year-old abortion decision.

Several blue states, including New York, passed legislation to expand abortions, in some cases, into the final month of pregnancy.

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