Gov. Hutchinson Lambasts Biden for ‘No Federal Solution’ to COVID-19 Comment

Last week, Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson responded with a snicker to Biden’s “no federal solution” comments on the federal government’s role in the fight against COVID-19. Hutchinson also reminded that the White House’s efforts shouldn’t get in the way of the solutions being prepared by individual states.

Hutchinson believes that Biden might have meant that there isn’t a single federal solution and that states are vital constituents.

“Whenever you see the federal mandates on vaccinations, they have, in this administration, utilized federal power rather extensively. That’s one of the things we are in litigation about, so it’s a little bit inconsistent. But I also take it as a good faith statement to say we’ve got to get through this together in partnership,” Hutchinson said.

The GOP leader stated that the federal ordinances have brought about exasperation and developed skepticism in the government’s efforts to combat COVID-19.

“States can make decisions, local governments can make decisions, but it’s never been at the federal government level. It’s hardened the resistance, and so what we are in agreement is on no shutdowns. We are in agreement on the federal-state partnership, but the federal mandates on vaccinations is inconsistent with that plan,” Hutchinson said.

Fox News Sunday reported recently that Arkansas ranks 45th in the states for vaccination rates with 51.2% of the state vaccinated, and new cases rising 310% in the past 14 days. Hutchinson stated that many things needed to happen before he could back vaccine mandates.

“If our hospitals are overrun, if the scientific evidence continues to show the efficacy and the safety of the vaccines, and if there’s greater public acceptance, then you can look at requiring it in the schools if need be. But the other thing is there always has to be the right exceptions for religious convictions if, you know, if vaccines are not acceptable, and that is the current law in Arkansas and it should continue to be the case,” Hutchinson added.

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