Gov. Reeves: Biden’s Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies ‘Outrageous’

Gov. Tate Reeves, R-Miss., on Sunday blasted the Biden administration for its “outrageous” allocation of monoclonal antibodies for treatments that have increased in states being hit the hardest by the deadly delta variant of COVID-19.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Reeves pushed back at the state’s alarming death count in the latest wave, saying the high numbers are coming down, noting the state has had more than 9,000 COVID-19 deaths.

The best thing that Americans can do is talk to their doctor about potentially getting the vaccine,” he said, pointing out 87% of COVID deaths in the state were in people who were not vaccinated.

“The number two thing is if you get the virus, and this is very important… please talk to your doctor about the monoclonal antibody treatment. That’s the best way in which to do that.”

“Unfortunately the Biden administration continues to try to reduce the allocation to red states like Mississippi and Florida of that monoclonal antibody treatment. It’s outrageous.”

According to the New York Times, 70% of orders placed for doses of monoclonal antibodies came from seven Southern states.

As orders jumped from 27,000 in July to 168,000 doses per week in late August, the Biden administration told states to prepare for the nation’s dwindling supply of the treatment and expect scaled-back shipments as a result of increasing demand, the Times reported.

Reeves, however, said his state has seen “a significant uptick in the total number “ of those who’ve gotten the vaccine.

“We’ve seen our case numbers have fallen dramatically in the last two weeks,” he said, “deaths, unfortunately, is a lagging indicator, we’ve seen cases… cut in half in Mississippi.”

Reeves also criticized President Joe Biden for his workplace vaccine mandate, calling it a “distraction.”

“The question here is not about what we do in Mississippi, it’s what this president is trying to impose upon the American worker,” he said.

“The president very much wants you and everyone else to believe that this is a fight between politicians. The reality is, this is an attack by the president on hard-working Americans… who he wants to choose between getting a jab in their arm and their ability to feed families. I believe that’s a false choice.” 

“The president does not have the authority to do this,” he asserted, adding: “He wants to change the political narrative away from Afghanistan and away from the other issues that are driving his poll numbers into the ground and focus on anything, particularly a political fight, other than those issues.”

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