Gov. Ricketts: Hard for Governors to Learn About Feds Shuttling Migrants

While Republican governors are taking it upon themselves to fight what they see as a crisis at the border since they say President Joe Biden is not, one governor tells The Conservative Digest that the job is being made more difficult by the administration’s policy of shuttling migrants into states in the middle of the night.

Republicans have complained about Biden’s policy of taking migrants who have crossed into the country illegally to undisclosed locations across the country.

“They’re not telling us about what’s going on,” Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said Thursday on “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “My colleague in Tennessee, [Gov.] Bill Lee, has faced this issue where planes land in the middle of the night, and it was actually the media that informed him about what was going on.

“He thought it … could even be doing with sex trafficking because the federal government was not being proactive with regard to telling us what was going on.”

Tennessee media reported that a plane landed in Knoxville in late May with hundreds of children who had arrived in the United States unaccompanied. They were to be placed with sponsors.

Federal officials at first declined to tell the media anything about the flight.

“It was only when the media actually uncovered this that they had to own up to what they were doing,” Ricketts said.

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has been attempting to build portions of the border wall left unfinished when Donald Trump left the White House, but has been blocked in his efforts by the Biden administration.

Abbott is “taking the steps to try and protect his state,” Ricketts said, “and the challenge we have … is that the governors are not being told about this. And when we try to intervene, that is where we run into the legal challenges.”

Allen West, a Republican who is running for Texas governor, says governors have the legal authority to take action without waiting because of COVID-19  infections among those crossing the border.

But Ricketts says it’s not that simple. Legal challenges have to be played out in court, he said, since the federal government isn’t cooperating with states.

Ricketts has sent some Nebraska state troopers to assist in Texas, and said Biden’s border policies are creating “human suffering” among the migrants.

“I’m guessing that not many of them have been vaccinated,” he said. “And yet the president is saying that people who come here through our airports have to be vaccinated. There’s a double standard here by the Biden administration.”

When Nebraska’s troopers returned, he said the suffering they saw was just a minor portion of what is happening at the border. Still, he said, it’s “something they’ve never seen in 23 years of law enforcement.”

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