Indiana School Puts Award-Winning Teacher on Leave for Opposing CRT

A school administrator from Indianapolis recently went viral after explaining how his district pushes Critical Race Theory on children. He was told to work remotely because he is causing ‘anxiety’ among other staff members.

“As of one hour ago, Indianapolis Public Schools has suspended my access to email & Google Drive,” Indianapolis district science coordinator, instructional coach, and administrator Tony Kinnett, stated on Twitter.

“I’ve been required to work from home the last two weeks, as staff reportedly have ‘clinical anxiety’ over working with me. When I came to get books from my office, phone calls were made to each team member so they’d be clear of the building,” Kinnett added.

Kinnett’s video wherein he explained how Critical Race Theory was taught in Indianapolis schools, went viral all over the internet earlier this month.

The award-winning teacher told Fox News Digital that he was placed on paid leave because of the “clinical anxiety” among his colleagues. Kinnett also claims that he was blocked from accessing his email account Wednesday, and that his key card for school entry was disabled.

“They’ve apparently gotten tons of emails and texts and calls from people who have refused to work with me, if they have to work with me they will walk. I have been banned from coming into their buildings and they are terrified I am going to pull out my phone and record their classes,” Kinnett explained elaborated.

Kinnett claims he hasn’t received official notice that he is no longer an employee of the school. However, he says that he was warned in the last few weeks to stop posting publicly accessible information about Critical Race Theory online.

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