Indicted Spiritual Advisor of Pro-CCP Philippine President Exploited Women and Minors

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles recently indicted Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, a close ally and spiritual adviser of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, for allegedly exploiting minors, and women, convincing them that salvation was theirs if they surrender to him their lives or their bodies.

Rappler, a news website co-founded by Nobel prize laureate Maria Ressa, spoke with three women about their experiences during Quiboloy’s reign. They corroborate the details of an indictment from the United States in which Quiboloy, along with several other officials at his Davao City-based KOJC, are being charged with sextrafficking.

Three women, Arlene Caminong stone from Minnesota, Faith Killion from Kentucky, and Reynita Fernandez from Singapore, revealed the inner workings and abuses Quiboloy allegedly committed against church members and leaders.

Pastorals are privileged, attractive women who do special tasks for Quiboloy and perform other forms of service to God.

Rappler spoke with several women who joined the KOJC at varying ages for different reasons. One of the women was a member since her mother was a member. Another member was recruited as a teenager. She remained a full-time worker for eight years before she had to quit. The third was in a sporadic relationship with the KOJC from 1986 to 1998. She fled after 12 years, unable to meet the group’s high solicitation quotas. However, she continued to believe in the preacher up until 2019.

“When you have been deceived, you don’t know that you are deceived. We were conditioned to suppress our feelings and opinions to the point that we forgot who we were,” said Stone, a former pastoral who served Quiboloy.

“You don’t question. Whether you understand or not, you don’t question. It’s called absolute obedience,” Stone added.

After authorities discovered US$350,000 of undeclared cash, rifle parts, and Quiboloy’s lavish lifestyle in Hawaii, Quiboloy was briefly detained. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), began investigating allegations of human trafficking against Quiboloy’s group.

Quiboloy, along with several church associates, were indicted in the USA for conspiring to engage in sextrafficking by force, fraud and coercion and sextrafficking of children. They were also charged for fraud and misuse visas, marriage fraud, bulk cash smuggling and concealment money laundering.

Michael Jay Green, Quiboloy’s Hawaii-based lawyer, dismissed the accounts of former KOJC members and the charges in indictment papers. He claims that all of the allegations were just lies and were part of an international campaign orchestrated and directed by a Nepalese family that left Quiboloy’s cult.

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