Kevin McCarthy Blasts Biden For Not Getting Every American Home From Afghanistan

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Sunday ripped the Biden administration for its inability to get every American home from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, noting other countries have been able to so when their own citizens are in danger overseas.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” McCarthy said President Joe Biden should authorize troops to guarantee every U.S. citizen will be brought home.

“Why can the French and British go out and get citizens and why can’t America? The only thing that is holding back is the will to do it and the authority from this president,” he asserted.

“This is an atrocity that will harm this nation for years to come, empower our adversaries and making our allies continue to question,” McCarthy said. “I have heard from ambassadors not knowing where America will be in the future. We’ve heard from world leaders, even to Tony Blair, and you see what China is trying to do to Taiwan. And [Biden] has empowered Iran which will probably have American weapons soon and now we are hearing ISIS is possible along the airport.”

According to McCarthy, “the only focus of this Congress or this administration should be to get every single American out.”

“But when you listen to the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, they will use the term ‘as many as we can.’”

“That’s not the answer,” he declared. “We have the ability to get them out, we just need the authority from the president to send our troops out to bring those Americans home, that’s what we owe to the American public.”

“We just need the authority from the president to send our troops out to bring those Americans home, that’s what we owe to the American public,” McCarthy said.

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