Lawyer: Gov. Cuomo Victim of Biased Probe

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., was the victim of a biased investigation aimed at taking him down, the governor’s personal attorney said Tuesday.

Attorney Rita Glavin virtually gave a statement late morning to address findings of an investigation directed by New York State Attorney Letitia James. The probe determined Cuomo sexually harassed multiple current and former state government employees.

Glavin criticized investigators for making errors, omitting important evidence, and erroneously suggesting Cuomo testified falsely.

“It omitted evidence that undermined the narrative that began Day 1 of this investigation,” Glavin said. “This was not about an independent review of the allegations and the circumstances surrounding them.

“From Day 1, this was about building a case against Gov. Cuomo.”

Glavin said investigators failed to collect relevant evidence and used contributions from people who lied in the past or had motives to lie. She added that since the report’s findings had been made public, a “press cycle ensued.”

“Journalists were saying things that he had groped and he had fondled 11 women – that wasn’t true and that wasn’t in the report,” Glavin insisted. “And over the last eight days the media frenzy contributed to what the report was, which was the investigators acted as the prosecutors, the judge, and the jury of Gov. Cuomo.”

Earlier Tuesday, The New Yorker published a story that discussed Cuomo’s history of vindictiveness and desire to protect his image and office.

Cuomo also faces investigations looking into whether the governor’s office hid nursing home-related deaths during the COVID pandemic, and the use of state resources as Cuomo wrote and promoted a pandemic memoir.

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