Legendary Monty Python Actor Terry Gilliam Gets Cancelled for Supporting Dave Chappelle

After staff complained about Terry Gilliam’s support of Dave Chappelle’s views on transgenderism, #MeToo and other issues, one of Britain’s most prestigious theatres, cancelled Terry Gilliam’s production.

After Terry Gilliam, an American member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, expressed support for Dave Chappelle’s ongoing transgender backlash following his Netflix special The Closer, London’s Old Vic theatre cancelled a Terry Gilliam performance of Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods.

Gilliam posted on social media encouraging his followers to see Chappelle’s stand-up performance stating: “To me, he’s the greatest standup comedian alive today: incredibly intelligent, socially aware, dangerously provocative, and gut-wrenchingly funny.”

The controversy surrounding Chappelle’s Netflix special has led to employees of the streaming giant staging walkouts because of its transphobic content. This controversy has led to the blacklisting of Chappelle’s upcoming documentary from film festivals.

Terry Gilliam’s support for Chappelle attracted the fury of Old Vic staff, who succeeded in forcing the theatre and director to resign.

A spokesperson for the Old Vic said to The Stage that Scenario Two and the Old Vic had mutually agreed not to produce Into The Woods at the not-for-profit producing theatre.

Staff also criticized Gilliam’s history of anti-woke comments. This included his criticisms of the #MeToo movement turning into a witch hunt that targeted decent individuals. Gilliam angered leftists before declaring himself to be a ” black lesbian” to respond to Monty Python’s criticism of his lack of “diversity”.

Gilliam has directed thirteen feature films, including Brazil (1985), The Adventures of Baron Munchausen(1988), 12 Monkeys (1995) and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (1998). He is the only Monty Python member who was not born in Britain. In 1968 however, he became a naturalized British subject and eventually renounced his American citizenship in 2006.

Born in Minnesota, Gilliam spent his high school and college days in Los Angeles. His career began as an animator, and then he became a strip cartoonist. He began his career as an animator for Monty Python’s works, until he became a full member of the group and was offered acting roles. In the 1970s, he became a director of feature films. Although his films usually evoke a surreal tone, Gilliam has successfully expressed his political views, such as his opposition to authoritarianism and bureaucracy.

The multi-talented icon has been a champion for freedom of expression, and human rights through his decades of work. He’s now blacklisted for expressing his opinions, which apparently contradicted the conventions of the woke mob.

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