McCarthy Appoints Rep. Mike Turner as Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee

Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, recently appointed Rep. Michael Turner from Ohio to the rank of member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Turner will assume the role on January 1.

Turner’s appointment follows the resignation of Devin Nunes (Republican), who earlier this year announced that he would be leaving Congress to become CEO of Trump’s media company. If Republicans win the House majority in 2022, Turner will be appointed to lead the panel.

In a statement, McCarthy lauded Turner, stating that his “commitment to this country is unwavering.”

“Throughout his long tenure on the Intelligence Committee, Mike established himself as a national security leader and ardent supporter of truth. Mike’s leadership of the committee will continue the great work of Congressman Nunes who has led the committee with integrity. Every American committed to the security and safety of this country should be well-assured of Congressman Turner’s leadership of the House Intelligence Committee,” McCarthy said.

Rep. Nunes stated that he has “every confidence Mike will be a fearless and skillful leader for Intelligence Committee Republicans and will perform rigorous oversight over the Intelligence Community.”

“I congratulate him on his well-deserved appointment as Ranking Member,” Nunes added.

Meanwhile, Turner stated that “The House Intelligence Committee’s work is critical to our national security and as the Ranking Member I am committed to supporting the men and women in the Intelligence Community.”

“I would like to thank Leader McCarthy for his confidence and I look forward to working with him as we address our nation’s security challenges,” Turner added.

Turner, who was the next in line due to his seniority, has been a focus on national security issues throughout his time in Congress.

This appointment ends speculation and maneuvering by House Republicans who sought the position after Nunes’s announcement.

During President Donald Trump’s tenure, the normally low-key committee became more partisan. California Democrat Chairman Adam Schiff led the first attempt to impeach Trump for improper pressure on the Ukrainian president. This was in order to uncover political dirt on Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.

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