Meadows Hits Biden Over Hurricane Ida, Afghanistan Withdrawal

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows hit out at President Joe Biden after he vowed to evacuate survivors of Hurricane Ida, saying he “turned his back” on Americans in Afghanistan.

Biden said in a statement on Thursday, “My message to the people of the Gulf Coast, who I’m going to visit tomorrow: We are here for you. And we’re making sure the response and recovery is equitable so that those hit hardest get the resources they need and are not left behind.”

“Joe Biden just told hurricane survivors they ‘won’t be left behind,’ which would be comforting words had he not just said the exact same thing last week, and then turned his back — leaving hundreds of Americans behind in Afghanistan,” Meadows tweeted on Thursday. “Then and now. Biden’s words are empty.”

The president also said in his statement that “my message to everyone affected is: We’re all in this together. The nation is here to help.” 

Biden concluded, “We’re reminded that this isn’t about politics. Hurricane Ida didn’t care if you were a Democrat or Republican, rural or urban.  Its destruction is everywhere. And it’s a matter of life and death, and we’re all in this together. 

“This is one of the great challenges of our time, but I’m confident we’ll meet it. We’re the United States of America. And there is simply nothing — you’ve heard me say it before — nothing beyond our capacity when we work together. So, for all those who are still in harm’s way, all those struggling to deal with the aftermath of these storms and fires, I say: God bless you.  Keep the faith. Everyone working day and night to look out for their fellow Americans is what this is about. And we’re going to get this done.”

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