NASCAR Blocks Brandon Brown’s ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Cryptocurrency Sponsorship

NASCAR has officially cancelled the sponsorship agreement of Brandon Brown with the “Let’s Go Brandon” cryptocurrency creators.

Brown declared at the end December that he had signed a deal with LGBcoin to support his race team moving forward.

Brown revealed later that NASCAR had sent a letter appraising the deal. They went ahead and spent the money on the car’s LGBcoin paint design.

However, NASCAR put a halt on the deal on Jan. 3. Brown was informed that the decision to allow sponsorship had to be reviewed at the top level of the NASCAR leadership.

According to the Washington Times, it seems that NASCAR has denied Brown his request to endorse a LGBcoin sponsorship agreement.

NASCAR claimed that they had made it clear, even back in November, that no imagery or words referring to the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant would be permitted.

“NASCAR on Tuesday decided against approving a sponsorship based on the anti-President Biden slogan ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ according to a NASCAR official with direct knowledge of the deliberations,” the Washington Post reported.

The official also stated that NASCAR’s decision was “not a reversal … but the governing body’s first and final word on the matter.”

NASCAR was obviously frightened by the popularity of the anti-Biden phrase that spread like wildfire across the country last year. 

This phrase is used at many events and is often used as a protest against Joe Biden. It was accidentally invented last Oct when Kelli Stavast, NBC NASCAR reporter, falsely claimed that a crowd chanting F*ck Joe Biden was actually chanting Let’s Go Brandon to praise Brown who had just won the Talladega race.

Brown admitted recently that he was worried that his involvement in the anti-Biden chant might make it harder for him to secure sponsors for his racing team. He embraced the chant after December and signed a deal with LGBcoin.

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