Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants Migrants From Biden DHS Flights Sent to Delaware

A Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania wants to relocate migrants coming into the state on Homeland Security flights to President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Republican State Sen. Mario Scavello plans to introduce legislation to address the transfer of the migrants to Delaware.

“In the very near future, I intend to introduce legislation to address the influx of illegal immigrants being relocated into Pennsylvania,” he said in a memo.

“This legislation is in response to many news reports and many concerned citizens who have reached out to my office regarding the relocation of illegal immigrants into their communities in the past, now and in the future.”

Scavello referenced flights into his state. “The federal government has relocated an unknown number of illegal immigrants to states across the nation, including Pennsylvania, and at the same time they have failed to provide information that ensures the safety of Pennsylvania citizens,” he said. “The open-border policy of the president’s administration has created a health crisis as well as a financial crisis, and states across the nation are being forced to pay for the reckless abandonment of the rule of law. 

“What is most concerning is that Gov. [Tom] Wolf has jeopardized the safety and security of Pennsylvania residents by enabling this; and by not acting on this, he is aligning himself with such policies.

“How many illegal immigrants has the president relocated to his own home state of Delaware? If it is good enough for Pennsylvania, then why not redirect the relocation to Delaware.

“Consequently, I am proposing legislation, similar to a proposal in the state of Florida, which would implement a transportation program for the unauthorized relocation of illegal immigrants in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the state of Delaware. In addition, this legislation would ban the issuance of state contract work with any federal contractors working with the federal government to transport illegal immigrants into Pennsylvania.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has threatened to bus illegal migrants sent to his state by the Biden administration up to Delaware.

“If they’re going to come here, we will provide buses … I will send them to Delaware,” DeSantis said in November. “I mean, if [President Joe Biden] is not going to support the border being secured, then he should be able to have everyone there. So, we will do whatever we can in that regard.”

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that another Pennsylvania Republican, state Sen. Doug Mastriano, announced he will be co-sponsoring Scavello’s legislation.

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