Peter King: No Way Cuomo Can Remain in Office

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s lack of a resignation after New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report on the sexual misconduct allegations against the Democrat is just “delaying the inevitable” and will only help the Republican Party in upcoming races, former Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told The Conservative Digest.

“They all say there’s absolutely no support for him,” King told Friday’s “American Agenda,” noting even New York state Democrats have broken from the once-popular governor. “He’s lost his capacity to govern, and any chance he had, unless he has some explosive evidence and feels upon close examination they can bring something out, unless that’s there, all he’s doing is delaying the inevitable.”

King speculated to co-hosts Heather Childers and Bob Sellers there is a possibility Cuomo is negotiating a resignation to absolve himself in “all these other legal matters.”

“So one he resigns, that’s it, it’s over and done with,” King said. “I don’t know though. You have four or five different district attorneys, I don’t know if they can be bound by any kind of agreement that’s made at the state legislative level.

“That’s probably what he’s trying to do right now.”

Having known the governor for 30 years and having “got along pretty well for the most part,” King added, “knowing Andrew, he may think he can’t lose; that he’s just home free.”

But, King concluded, hanging on will do no favors to the Democratic Party in the age of the #MeToo movement, calling it a “no win for everyone except the Republican Party.”

“All Republicans, for the sake of the Republican Party, are hoping that he hands on, and you’ll have a three or four-month trial going on,” King said. “That’s bad for the state, but politics being what it is, that’ll be a blessing for Republicans around the state with all the local elections coming up this year.”

King does not support impeachment of Cuomo, much like he voted against impeachments of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

“While Gov. Cuomo has the clear right to fight his impeachment in the State Assembly and is entitled to a full trial in the Senate where his lawyers can cross examine his accusers and can raise the issue of bias by the Attorney General, it appears extremely unlikely he will succeed,” King wrong is a memo from his office.  “Unlike Presidents Clinton and Trump who maintained strong support from their party leaders and from their bases among the voters, Gov. Cuomo has no political support whatsoever and a solid majority of voters want him to resign or be removed from office.

“Unless he has dramatic exculpatory evidence to present during the impeachment process and Senate trial which could stretch out for months, it will be almost impossible for him to remain in office.”

The immediate successor, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, received praised from King in his memo.

“I worked with Kathy Hochul when she was in Congress, and we both served on the Homeland Security Committee,” he wrote. “Though we have policy differences, Kathy Hochul is a knowledgeable, responsible government official.”

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