Poll: Most American Parents Unaware Foreign Countries Donate to US Universities

Most American parents are unaware that China, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are all major donors to United States universities, according to a Harris X poll published Saturday by The Washington Free Beacon.

The poll, conducted from Sept. 27-29 online, found that nearly 60 percent of those interviewed were unaware that the countries mentioned above were significant contributors to U.S. universities.

Behind China and Saudi Arabia, parents say their next biggest concern of a foreign nation contributing to U.S. universities is Qatar. According to the Department of Treasury, “Qatar, a longtime U.S. ally, has for many years openly financed Hamas, a group that continues to undermine regional stability.”

Hamas is listed as a foreign terrorist organization according to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Additionally, 84 percent of those surveyed said American schools should make it publicly known that Qatar is such a significant contributor and how the contributions may be coloring a school’s agenda.

“The public wants full transparency on what Qatar is funding in American schools, and Congress must demand it,” Brooke Goldstein, the Lawfare Project’s executive director, told the Free Beacon. “Parents have a right to know what foreign governments are teaching our children.”

In light of the concerns of questionable foreign actors making donations, more than 80 percent of poll respondents said Congress should enact legislation that forces universities to disclose their contributions from foreign actors.

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