Rep. Jordan: Makes ‘No Sense’ for US to Deal With Taliban’s Government

The Taliban’s new hardline government, headed by veteran players in the organization, shouldn’t come as a surprise, and it makes “no sense” for the Biden administration to deal with them, Rep. Jim Jordan said Wednesday. 

“I’m thinking about the president, 13 service members killed, Americans left behind, allies left behind, billions of dollars of equipment left behind, some of the Afghans coming who haven’t been properly vetted, he calls that an ‘extraordinary success,'” the Ohio Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when terrorists, people who have been let go and everything else, are running the very organization that this State Department and this administration is trying to negotiate with.”

And while that doesn’t make sense, “nothing that this administration does makes any sense, so while it’s frightening, while it’s scary, frankly it’s not surprising,” said Jordan. 

The Taliban Tuesday announced its new government for Afghanistan, including veteran official Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, an U.N.-blacklisted member, as its new acting prime minister. Akhund was the deputy foreign minister under the Taliban’s former regime. Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar will be the new government’s deputy leader. 

Meanwhile, Americans remain in Afghanistan, and Jordan said one thing that would help get them out would be if the State Department would not hinder the efforts of people like Cory Mills, a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran who is working with other veterans to get Americans and Afghan allies out of the country.

“[They are] going there and risking their lives and doing heroic work to get people out, so that’s one smart thing to do,” said Jordan. 

He also called for enhanced vetting of Afghan evacuees coming into the United States. 

“Coupled with what is going on on our border what’s been going on on our border month after month, where each month we get a new record of illegal crossings, that’s a dangerous recipe for this country,” said Jordan. 

He noted that many of the high-ranking people in the Biden administration were the ones who were in charge when the Benghazi attack occurred, in addition to several other serious events, and they are the “exact same people with their arrogance, malign the same kinds of mistakes.”

Jordan also commented on reports about documents obtained by The Intercept concerning grant money funneled by EcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for bat coronavirus research. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been accused of lying after the documents appeared to contradict his claims that the National Institute of Health hadn’t funded gain-of-function research at the Chinese facility, and Jordan on Wednesday insisted that Fauci “knew from the get-go.” 

“He knew from the get-go that that’s where the virus started, most likely from the lab,” said Jordan. “On January 31, 2020, so a year and a half ago, he got an e-mail from Dr. Christian Anderson, who received American tax dollars and grants from Dr. Fauci and [NIH Director Francis] Collins that says the virus looks engineered … they knew from the start this thing most likely came from a lab and then they spent the last year and a half downplaying that to the American people. I don’t know why anyone believes anything that Dr. Fauci now says.”

Jordan also said the disclosures make it appear that American tax dollars could have been used in the creation of the coronavirus. 

“We all know the evidence points to this thing came from a lab and our tax dollars, our tax money, was funding this very virus that disrupted our lives hurt so many small business owners over the last two years,” said Jordan. 

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