Republican Makes Runoff for Seattle City Attorney

In results that drew notice nationwide and left jaws hanging throughout Washington State, Republican Ann Davison on Friday secured one of the two positions in the runoff for city attorney of Seattle.

Davison, who drew 33% in the initial voting last week, will now face Democrat and self-styled “abolitionist” Nicole Thomas-Kennedy (35%) in November.

Pete Holmes, the incumbent city attorney for 12 years, placed third in the vote last week and was thus eliminated from the runoff.

But the big news was the strong performance of attorney and arbitrator Davison, a Democrat-turned-Republican who lost bids for the Seattle City Council in 2019 and for the GOP primary for lieutenant governor last year.

In a city that enhances the Democratic vote in Washington state in much the same way New York City does for Democrats in New York state, Davison’s strong performance is nothing short of high drama. Last fall, Donald Trump managed barely 8% in Seattle.

“Ann is basically cut from the same cloth as [Washington’s late Republican Sen.] Slade Gorton — moderate on social issues and more conservative on fiscal issues,” Kirby Wilbur, onetime Republican state chairman and KVI-AM radio talk show host, told The Conservative Digest, “But she’s also a strong law and order candidate, and that’s important when you consider who she’s running against.”

Wilbur was referring to former public defender Thomas-Kennedy, who has a long list of controversial statements about law enforcement and has vowed to end most misdemeanor prosecutions.

When violence broke out in many cities throughout the country last summer following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Thomas-Kennedy wrote on her website: “Property destruction is a moral imperative.”

According to the Seattle Times, Democrat Thomas-Kennedy also “said police and prisons don’t promote public safety, but do accomplish ‘what they were actually designed to do: control and disappear the poor, the disabled and BIPOC,’ referring to Black, Indigenous and people of color.”

Even in increasingly progressive Seattle, such opinions may be too much for many voters — and may give Republican Davison a chance this November.

John Gizzi is chief political columnist and White House correspondent for The Conservative Digest. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.

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