Republicans Re-Ignite Push for Larry Hogan’s Senatorial Bid

Larry Hogan is expected to enter the Maryland Senate race amid high Republican hopes. As President Joe Biden’s agenda stagnates and the GOP prospects of reclaiming power at Congress has vastly improved recently.

Hogan is keen to run for the presidency in 2024, but he has been skeptical of Republican attempts to recruit him against Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen. This race will be a difficult one in blue Maryland, regardless of how big the GOP’s 2022 successes. Republicans are now optimistic about winning the Senate majority, having defeated Senator Joe Manchin’s social spending bill. For which Hogan praised the West Virginia Democrat.

“Every Republican with a voice is asking Gov. Hogan to run. It’s a full-court press because he could win,” disclosed a GOP operative close to the senate.

Biden defeated Trump in Maryland by 65.4% to 32.2% in 2020. This is a huge victory margin, even by the standards for reliably blue states.

Trump’s victory of 33.2 percentage points was his fourth largest win in any state of the union, and historically huge according to Maryland standards. Since 1868, a Democratic nominee has performed so well. And since 1912, a Republican nominee has performed as poorly. These statistics are just a stark reminder of how entrenched in the Old Line State is the Democratic Party’s advantage against the GOP.

Democrats believe that this would be enough for Hogan to lose the Senate race in the midterm elections, despite his generally high approval ratings and six-year tenure.

“The fact that Hogan would vote to make [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell [the] majority leader and turn the Senate over to Republicans … would provide voters more than enough reasons to decisively reject his campaign. If he does run, all he’ll do is join the 40-yearlong history of Republicans losing statewide federal elections in Maryland,” Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesperson David Bergstein.

Hogan has won two statewide elections in Maryland, proving he has wide voter support. His first victory came in 2014, which was a Republican wave election. His reelection in 2018 was a Democratic wave election. The state’s Republicans have remained loyal to Hogan, despite Trump’s refusal to vote in 2016 or 2020, and his status as one of the most prominent and well-known GOP critics in the country.

These attributes make Hogan an appealing Senate candidate for Republicans as they launch the offensive on the Democrats and expand the playing field to win the one seat needed to regain the majority. Hogan isn’t adamantly against the GOP’s invitation to join the midterm election and he has been also showing his conservative credentials lately, giving the party hope that he may join them in the next senatorial race.

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