Respects Pour in for Recently-Deceased Republican Activist Randy Potter

Republican activist Randy Potter, a vigorous conservative who impressed colleagues with his selfless efforts to uplift GOP candidates, suddenly died last week at the age of 69.

Potter was an avid music fan who used to travel across the country to see Grateful Dead concerts. He was also a huge fan of New York’s sports teams, especially the Yankees and Giants. Friends say that even his love for sports was nothing compared to his passion for public service.

Benedicte Doran (chair of the county Republican Committee) said that Potter supported Republican candidates tirelessly and would spend long hours making phone calls for them. Doran stated that Potter made around 80,000 to 90,000 calls for candidates John Katko and Claudia Tenney during the 2020 congressional election.

“He was just so good on the phone. He would work from, like, 10 in the morning until it wasn’t polite to call anymore — every day, seven days a week,” Doran stated.

Janet Burman, Potter’s friend and mayoral candidate, reported that Potter succumbed to a heart attack on Thursday. She said that Potter was with a friend as he prepared to visit a restaurant.

Potter’s involvement in politics began more than a decade ago, when he joined the Tea Party movement and volunteered for the campaign of Ann Marie Buerkle, former U.S. Rep. Hank Chapman. Potter was passionate about conservative issues and participated in pro-life, pro-police rallies.

Potter was most recently the chair of the Republican Party in Syracuse. He ran for office occasionally, despite the almost futility of being a Republican candidate within a heavily Democratic area. He was unsuccessful in his attempt to be a Syracuse Common Councilor at-Large.

Although he was a strong backer of former President Donald Trump, Potter has recently shied away from the polarized tone of today’s politics.

“This past year, he was very concerned about the tone of discourse of people involved in politics. He emphasized the need for relying on facts, logic and respect,’’ Burman said.

Burman said that Potter was a caring person who took care of his father for many years after he became incapacitated. Potter also loved animals and had adopted many stray cats. Sadly, Potter had no living relatives when he passed away.

“He was just a great guy. Loved people, loved music, loved his politics,” Chapman said. 

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