Ret. Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke: DA Chisholm ‘Should Be Investigated’ for Bail Debacle

Retired Milwaukee Sheriff Davis Clarke told The Conservative Digest Wednesday that the district attorney responsible for the low $1,000 bail that let accused killer Darrell Brooks go free before driving into the crowd at the deadly Waukesha, Wisconsin, holiday parade Sunday, “should be investigated” for his “woke” policies that may have contributed to the tragedy.

“I would like for the state attorney general’s office to start an investigation of misconduct in office against (Milwaukee County District Attorney) John Chisholm and the appropriate measures taken,” Clarke said during “The Chris Salcedo Show” Wednesday. “I know it’s a little too late for the victims, another eight-year-old died overnight. This is a horrific situation, but we can still hold some people accountable and not get into this ‘make sure it doesn’t happen again,’ but send a message to the people who have this public trust. We’re watching you.

Milwaukee resident Darrell Brooks, 39, is currently charged with five counts of intentional murder that may increase to six following the child’s death Tuesday, as well as further charges for injuring more than 40 others after allegedly plowing through a barricade during the annual parade and then smashing into the crowd of parade participants and onlookers.

Brooks was free on $1,000 bail for a separate incident just days before where he allegedly struck the mother of his child with a vehicle.

Clarkes said he saw Brooks’ arrest record with an extensive criminal history that should have warranted a much higher bail amount.

“This is not the first time this has happened either in the Milwaukee area, where a hardened, career criminal, was out for some reason and went on to murder, rape, rob, so on and so forth,” Clarke, who said he served with Chisholm during his tenure as Milwaukee sheriff. “This is malfeasance on the part of the district attorney. The definition of malfeasance is when a public official game engages in behavior that’s contrary to law, which this is, and which is contrary to the public trust.

Clarke said his experience with Chisholm was that the district attorney was “all in” on political correctness in the criminal justice system and low bail for suspected offenders.

“He believes that it is an extension of ‘Jim Crow’ and so that works its way through his office with some. He does not believe in incarceration, the use of jails and prisons as a crime control tool,” Clarke said. “And he believes in really no bail, but he can’t get away with that yet in Wisconsin, we don’t have that under the law, but he gives away low bail and that’s what happened here.

He said that higher bails would have “sent a message” to Brooks that his criminal behavior would not be tolerated.

“This guy’s rap sheet, I looked at it, was 32 pages long for heaven’s sakes with serious infractions,” he said. “Had somebody sent him the signal that we were going to tolerate his criminal behavior long before Sunday, this never would have happened. This is the fault of a lax criminal justice system.

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