Sen. Kennedy: ‘Fake’ Infrastructure Bill, Cleared Path for ‘Bad’ Social Spending Package

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., on Sunday blasted as “fake” the $1 trillion infrastructure law passed in Congress, calling it a path for passage of the nearly $2 trillion Build Back Better social spending and climate bill.

In an interview Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Kennedy said centrist Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Krysten Sinema of Arizona could determine the fate of the Build Back Better package.

“In my judgment there’s no question that the fake infrastructure bill has made it easier to pass the Build Back Better bill,” he said. “But the Build Back Better bill — which I think I’ve made pretty clear, I think is crap-tastic — hasn’t passed yet and whether it passes I think is going to be determined by Sen. Manchin and to some extent Sen. Sinema.”

According to Kennedy, whether the bill will even be brought before the Senate “only Joe Manchin knows the answer to that and perhaps Sen. Sinema.”

“I think Sen. Manchin …understands in his heart that this is a bad bill, bad social policy, bad economic policy,” Kennedy said.

“Trillions of dollars of new spending, new taxes, new debt, new welfare programs. The only way I know how to improve it is with a shredder. It’s going to fuel inflation.”

He added passage would mean in part the “federal takeover of early childhood education and child care, eventually the federal government is going to want to control what they teach your kids” and “at least in the short term, a dramatic rise in the cost of child care.”

It’ll also add billions in new taxes, he said.

“You know, President Joe Biden, he whispers to the American people, ‘pay your fair share.’ But he never bothers to answer the question, of what is your fair share of what somebody else has worked for? We’ve never had that discussion.”

“The Build Back Better bill just takes Marxist class analysis and uses it to redistribute wealth in a way that I think is going to irreparably damage the American people,” he said.

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