Sen. Rick Scott Only Supports Infrastructure That’s ‘Within Our Means’

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., argued Sunday he supports an infrastructure plan — but only one that doesn’t raise taxes and keeps government spending “within our means.”

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Scott said the current $1 trillion bipartisan bill doesn’t meet either standard.

“Let’s have real infrastructure, let’s live within our means, quit running up the debt,” he said.

“We have almost $30 trillion worth of debt,” he noted, adding about Senate Democrats: “They can’t spend this money because they’re going to borrow more money. Let’s be honest with the American public, spend money on roads, bridges, airports and seaports, do it responsibly.”

According to Scott, “no one wants to be honest with the American public.”

“They are raising your taxes,” he said of the proposed infrastructure bill.

“The middle class is going to pay for this, so [Democrats] want to talk about ‘Oh, yeah, we want to go spend all this money, here’s the candy over here’ —  now that you have to pay for all that, we don’t want to talk about that.”

“Let’s have real infrastructure, let’s live within our means, quit running up the debt,” he urged.

Scott pushed back when it was pointed out that Republicans raised the debt ceiling during the Trump administration with no strings attached.

“I’m fed up with a government that can’t live within their means,” he countered. “Every family in our country has to figure out a way to live within their means… we all have to do it in our personal lives. We have to do it is government. You can do it. Watch how you spend the money. Like on this bill, do it responsibly. Do roads, bridges, airports, and seaports. Grow the economy.”

The proposed infrastructure legislation represents the biggest investment in decades in America’s roads, bridges, airports and waterways, and its passage through the evenly divided Senate would represent a major victory for President Joe Biden and a group of bipartisan lawmakers who spent months crafting the measure.

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