Stephen Moore Slams ‘Catastrophic’ Spending Bill, Electric Car Plan

Former Trump economist Stephen Moore on Sunday slammed President Joe Biden’s “catastrophic” spending bill and electric car plan, telling radio host John Catsimatidis the auto industry will be “connected at the hip with” the U.S. government as a result.

“I’m not against electric vehicles. I’ve driven them. They’re incredible. … They’re a lot of fun,” Moore said during an appearance on Catsimatidis’ Sunday radio show, “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM.

“[But] it should be up to the motorist … what [type of] car they want to get. Not the government,” Moore said. “Since when does the government tell us what kind of car we have to buy?”

“The thing that bothers me,” he continued, “is that you’ve got the auto industry connected at the hip with government. I hate that. We should have auto companies that are producing for the market, not for government.”

When that happens, Moore said, “it’s not too long before the government just takes over the auto industry, which would be a terrible idea. … Nobody bothered to ask the customers.”

On Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending plan, which the Senate seems likely to approve after its passage of a smaller, bipartisan infrastructure package Saturday, Moore said the worst thing the U.S. can do now is “to have a massive increase in government spending and debt, and a massive increase in regulation of the economy with higher taxes.

“I’m very worried about that $4 trillion reconciliation bill that Biden … is pushing very hard,” he said. “He thinks he can get that through without a single Republican vote.”

But what will happen instead is inflation, Moore said.

“If you think inflation is bad now, folks, wait till Biden passes the $4 trillion money-printing, spending bill with new debt,” he said. “I think it’s going to be catastrophic.”

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