Texas Doc: Halt ‘Grossly Irresponsible’ Border Policies Amid COVID Surge

While The Washington Post and MSNBC analysts reject the Republican narrative the border crisis is a super-spreader force amid the rise of the delta variant, a doctor on Texas’ border says otherwise.

“The uptick in cases locally is certainly linked to the number of those coming across the border who have already contracted the virus,” Dr. Antonio Falcon, a well-regarded doctor in the Rio Grande Valley told Fox News, noting “uptick in cases in the last couple of weeks,” including a 900% increase in the number of illegal detainees who tested positive for COVID-19 in July.

Falcon added it is “grossly irresponsible” for authorities “to allow somebody with COVID into the community knowing good and well the situation that we’re living under right now.”

The Biden administration should at least limit border crossings to legal immigrants and toughen requirements to isolate COVID-positive migrants, according to Falcon.

“I would recommend that they do not allow them to cross unless it’s done legally, and in the way that we already have laws that dictate the immigration processes,” he told Fox News.

Falcon denounced Customs and Border Protection releasing COVID-19 infection migrants into the community.

“That is absolutely not the way to handle such an infectious disease of this scope, especially one that’s so easily transmittable with the new variant,” Falcon told Fox News.

“In this cloud of COVID, we also have other infectious diseases that we have to be concerned about, and nobody’s talking about it,” he added. “If you do a little research, you’ll find that one of the hotspots for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is Central America.

“The same individuals that are bringing COVID across are potentially bringing across very dangerous infections into our community, like multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, and that’s only one of several other things that can come up from Central America.

“There’s absolutely no control,” he concluded, calling it “just grossly irresponsible to our community.”

Biden CBP officials concerned for their own health are releasing COVID-infection migrants into the U.S. “day in, day out,” National Border Patrol Council Vice President Chris Cabrera told Fox News.

“We’re releasing people out of the door day in and day out with actual positive tests for COVID and more keep popping up,” he said, noting CBP officials are contracting the virus and going out sick, stressing already stressed staffing.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security responded to Fox News’ request for comment through a CBP spokesperson, who gave a statement.

“CBP provides migrants with PPE from the moment they are taken into custody, and migrants are required to keep masks on at all times, including when they are transferred or in the process of being released,” the statement read.

“If anyone exhibits signs of illness in CBP custody, they are referred to local health systems for appropriate testing, diagnosis, and treatment. CBP takes its responsibility to prevent the spread of communicable diseases very seriously. We value our partners in local communities whose work is critical to moving individuals safely out of CBP/USBP custody and through the appropriate immigration pathway.”

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