The Democratic Party Lost the Elections Because they Are Too Woke

Recently, the Democrats are fighting over whether their party is too “woke.” The Dems are also wondering if their overacting liberalism has anything to do with last week’s drubbing in the off-year elections.

Although the topic has been simmering for months, it gained new attention when James Carville, a veteran Democratic strategist, pointed his finger to “wokeness” as the main reason for the loss of the Virginia’s governor’s mansion. 

Carville’s party argues that the party has drifted too far to the left and are now mostly remembered for GOP attacks against their “woke” ideas that aren’t widely accepted across the country. They claim the party has not done enough to disengage itself from slogans such as “defund the Police.” A limited number of Democrats are supportive of the idea, since a large number of them prefer police reform.

“The AOC-Bernie Sanders elite is not ‘woke,’ they want to guilt, intimidate, and threaten everyone into believing what they believe. They are Trumpian voters by another name,” a prominent Democratic strategist explained.

Carville supporters blame the progressive Democrats for their negative effect on the party. They accuse these woke officials of engaging in activist tactics that would not work in slow-moving Washington. They also claim that the recent elections prove that a large number of Americans rebuff the idea.

“Here is the political problem. Voters, especially independents, do not share their views or values. If congressional leadership and the White House keep cowing to these out-of-touch views, there will not be much of a party left to lead,” the strategist added.

Several DNC members spoke out to The Hill, admitting that they are still looking for an introspective sense about last week’s mistakes. There have not been formal discussions or autopsy on how the party will move forward, especially when it comes to delivering the message.

“I’ve never seen it more inactive, disconnected and more dead in all my years. The chairman should be speaking to the caucuses but everything is defined by emails. There’s no engagement unless it’s for standard meetings,” a DNC member disclosed.

Some Democrats feel that Biden has to provide party-wide rhetoric that is able to work up and down both the ballot. Particularly progressives feel that, with significant ideological differences in Congress’ caucuses, it is crucial that Democrats have a plan for how the president will talk about their ideas.

This is totally accurate, especially for Democrats who are dissatisfied with the way Biden handled issues that were important to diverse communities that put him in power.

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