Trump Claims ‘Record $1.2M’ Raised Saturday at Alabama Rally

Former President Donald Trump declared his Cullman, Alabama, rally Saturday night raised a record $1.2 million, a claim The Conservative Digest could not independently confirm as of this writing.

“Normally I say, ‘O.K., I will raise money, but you can take half and we take half, and we put it into my campaign,” Trump told his fourth post-presidential rally, billed as the largest yet in the deep red state. “I just said, ‘the hell with that, Alabama is so good, keep the whole thing.’

“He raised $1.2 million, John Wahl,” Trump added, hailing the state’s new Republican Party Chairman.

“Alabama GOP chair, oh, this guy is amazing,” Trump said. “You know what you raised tonight? A record in the history of the Republican Party, and I think also in the history of the Democrat Party, if we can say that. You raised $1.2 million.”

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