Trump Praises Gen. Kellogg’s Book

Former President Donald Trump is touting a new book by former White House National Security Adviser Keith Kellogg as a “powerful account of the Trump presidency.”

His comments came in a statement released Tuesday as the book was officially released.

Trump said: “General Keith Kellogg has written a sweeping and powerful account of the Trump Presidency. He spent four years with me in the White House and in the 2016 Campaign for the Presidency. His narrative is factual and indisputable.

“Unlike other fakers and slimeballs that write fictional books without knowing me or virtually anything about me. The general knew me and my administration well, and he was there for every major national security decision.

“Finally, we have a real and inside account of our very successful four years. An incredible read published today. I strongly recommend this important book that will set a historic standard. Go get “War By Other Means by General Keith Kellogg—it’s really good!”

In his memoir, Kellogg reveals how Trump’s “America First” policies strengthened the nation after President Barack Obama’s eight-year “apology” tour, why the president’s tough approach to China worked, and why future administrations must continue to take the China threat seriously.

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