Trump Urges Republicans to Oust McConnell for Working with the Democrats

Trump, the former President, called on Republicans to revolt against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to oust him as his leader position in retaliation for McConnell’s agreement to raise the federal debt ceiling.

Trump called McConnell “broken old Crow” and criticised him for working with Senate Democrats on the debt-ceiling agreement, instead of using it to challenge President Joe Biden’s spending plans.

McConnell provided Democrats with added support in the Senate. This allowed them to overcome the filibuster rule to use their votes to lift the debt ceiling. Unfortunately, the limit is beyond the US government’s capacity to borrow.

In a statement issued by his spokesperson Liz Harrington on Twitter last weekend, Trump lambasted McConnell for “giving the Democrats victory on everything.”

McConnell and 13 GOP senators voted on Thursday with every Senate Democrat in order to avoid a federal default.

Trump was furious at the move and said that it would allow Biden’s Build Back Better plan to be passed and dramatically increase federal spending on climate-related projects and social-welfare programs.

It’s like taking money and throwing it out the window, and Mitch McConnell could have killed it,” Trump told Texas radio host Mark Davis.

“What he’s done is unthinkable. He gave up the debt ceiling. That was the best negotiating tool that we had to kill this horrible bill,” Trump added.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, an ally of Donald Trump, also took shots at the Kentucky Republican for his handling of the recent debt ceiling deal. The South Carolina senator slammed McConnell’s debt ceiling agreement with Democrats. Graham explained that the agreement, which allowed a House vote on Senate procedures to be affected, was a bad example to establish. 

McConnell promised a couple of months ago that Republicans would not lend additional support raising the debt ceiling. The Kentucky Republican decided to ignore Trump’s accusations, much like how 19 Senate Republicans supported the infrastructure law back in August. He reached an agreement to avoid an economic disaster that was supported by 14 GOP senators.

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