UK’s Nigel Farage: Biden ‘Most Complete Failure of Leadership I’ve Seen in My Lifetime’

Former UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage on Sunday harshly criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis.

Speaking on “The Cats Roundtable” radio show on WABC 770 AM hosted by John Catsimatidis, Farage said “this is the most complete failure of leadership on the international stage I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

He said that either it was wishful thinking on Biden’s part or that he “is just not fit to make these judgments… I just don’t think he’s up to this,” adding that perhaps “the worst part is that he apparently did not make any constituency plans for thousands” of American civilians.

Farage continued that “I can scarcely believe the way he treated his allies and friends in the world and I fear we are going to suffer from some very long-term consequences from the way the Taliban took Afghanistan the way they did.”

The U.K. politician speculated that “Biden’s popularity will collapse. And I think questions will start to be asked — big questions about whether this man is fit to be president of America and leader of the free world.”

On the subject of relations with Great Britain, Farage said that London “wasn’t consulted. NATO wasn’t consulted. … Joe Biden did not speak to any world leader until 48 hours after [the crisis had started] … Thousands of British nationals, American nationals, European nationals [were] trapped, horrified, terrified — not knowing what was going on.”

He added, “How could [Great Britain] … ever trust America with anything if Joe Biden is in charge? … and  I’m not sure that NATO can survive what Joe Biden has done. … He’s done more damage than any president in modern times.”

Farage said that the American people must replace Biden and that “the midterms at least give an opportunity that might just stop them [the Democratic Party] from doing more damage, stressing that “only the democratic process can correct this total failure of leadership.”

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