Wash Post Blasts Biden Admin Failure to Devise Immigration ‘Plan of Action’

The Biden administration has dumped border policies initiated by former President Donald Trump, but has yet to lay out a way to staunch a record surge in illegal crossings — or what’s driving migration, The Washington Post charged.

In a scathing editorial posted Sunday, the news outlet lashed out at the “sweeping rhetoric” of Vice President Kamala Harris’ immigration strategy that’s left out “an actual plan for action.”

“The convoluted messaging — telling migrants not to seek entry to the United States while at the same time relaxing or scrapping an array of measures that would actually dissuade them, and providing relief to migrants on both sides of the border — has been a failure,” the Post declared.

For example, the Post pointed to an NPR report that about half of the 5,000 migrants crossing the border daily are allowed to stay in the United States and seek asylum, and the rest are turned back to Mexico.

But some areas on the border in Mexico are refusing to take the migrants back, so U.S. authorities are flying them to where Mexican officials will accept them.

The “failure is measurable, and it is politically toxic,” the Post editorial stated.

The Post noted by mid-July, 1.1 million migrants had been apprehended since Oct. 1, 2020, with a record monthly high of 190,000 taken into custody by border officers in June alone.

“Alarmed by the numbers, the administration infuriated immigration advocates by announcing it would retain a Trump-era public health measure, originally justified on grounds of the pandemic, that blocks migrant families from seeking asylum at the southern border,” the editorial stated.

“Yet that measure, known as Title 42, has proved increasingly ineffective as a deterrent.”

Critics have charged the border crisis is a super-spreader force amid the rise of the Delta variant in the United States.

The Post editorial chastised the Biden administration immigration policies’ “incoherence,” saying it’s resulted in pressure at the border that could cost Democrats control of one or both houses of Congress in next year’s midterm elections.

“So far, there is nothing in the administration’s short- or long-term strategizing that is likely to shift that dynamic,” the editorial warned.

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