YouGov Snap Poll: Most Americans Blame Biden for Kabul Attack

Most Americans think President Joe Biden deserves a great deal or fair amount of blame for the deadly attack on U.S. soldiers and Afghanistan civilians at the Kabul airport, according to a YouGov snap poll after the bombings. 

According to the poll, conducted of 1,200 registered voters, 56% said they think Biden, through his actions in the push to remove U.S. soldiers from Afghanistan by Aug. 31 said he should be blamed, with 40% saying he deserves a great deal of blame and 16% saying he deserves a fair amount of blame. 

The poll also found: 

  • 16% say Biden doesn’t deserve much blame. 
  • 20% said Biden doesn’t deserve any blame. 
  • 10% of Democrats say Biden deserves a great deal of blame.
  • 82% of Republicans said he deserves a great deal of blame. 

The snap poll also showed that almost half of the registered voters polled think the decision to leave Afghanistan is the right one:

  • 47% said the decision is correct.
  • 38% said Thursday’s attack proves the United States should stay in Afghanistan.
  • 69% of Democrats said the attack shows leaving Afghanistan is right. 
  • 17% of Republicans think the attack shows it is wrong to leave. 
  • 16% of Democrats said they think it is wrong to leave. 

Biden Thursday said he does bear responsibility for recent events, but he also blamed former President Donald Trump for negotiating a deal with the Taliban while he was in office. 

The president also said the United States is on track to meet the Aug. 31 deadline for the United States leaving Afghanistan, and most of the voters polled, at 67%, said they think its’ “very likely” there will be further terrorist attacks on the U.S. military through next week, with Republicans being more likely, at 88% and Democrats at 53%. 

But if the Aug. 31 deadline is not met:

  • 57% said the military should remain to head off potential attacks. 
  • 25% said the military should stay after negotiating with the Taliban for an extension. 
  • 32% said it should leave if negotiations don’t happen. 

Meanwhile, 30% of the respondents said the military should leave without completing the evacuation, with 17% saying that should happen if negotiations with the Taliban for an extension fail and 13% saying the military should leave immediately. 

The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus 3.8 percentage points. 

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